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Become a PTA Member Today!

Our PTA mission is to enrich the elementary school experience of our Trailblazers, staff and student families. Join the PTA and be part of the reason WHY Tehaleh Heights is so special!

If you value the work the T.H.E. PTA does for our students and staff, please join us in membership! You’ll get an inside look at what’s happening in our school and with our students, have access to our PTA Members group on Facebook, and have a voice on what projects we take on, how we fundraise and where we spend PTA funds.

*Membership in T.H.E. PTA does not require volunteerism, though we do appreciate it!

Join Us!

○ $15 – Individual Membership
○ $12 – Add'l Adult Membership
○ $10 – Add your Trailblazer!



  • T.H.E. PTA members have the opportunity to vote on the budget and direction of the organization, run for elected office and serve in leadership roles at the committee level.

  • You’re invited to join our closed “Tehaleh Heights PTA Members” group on Facebook.

  • Membership cost covers your local and National PTA dues through Oct. 2024.

  • Your Trailblazer’s student membership is a great way to empower your child with a sense of pride in leadership, volunteerism and event coordination.

  • You also receive Washington State PTA discounts on a variety of services and experiences.

  • Volunteering is not a requirement of membership, though we certainly appreciate it!

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